For Active Aging Only is now available!

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For Active Aging Only is now available!

Getting older is a natural part of life — and Super Trainer Lacee Green is determined to make you feel great at every age! With the help of her mom Betty, Lacee created For Active Aging Only specifically for the “active ager” (traditionally 65+). These five, 30-minute workouts will safely challenge you to maintain or regain strength and boost cardiovascular health with simple, low-impact workouts.

Why should I try For Active Aging Only?

Lacee Green For Active Aging Only

If you want to remain active and independent enough to perform all your everyday activities with ease, this is the mini-program for you! Try it by yourself or take Lacee’s lead and work out with a family member or friend. With Lacee and Betty’s contagiously positive attitudes, you may even find that working out is a fun challenge you’ll look forward to.

What are the workouts like?

These workouts are designed to be low-impact on your joints, while helping to build muscle and improve cardiovascular health. And all you need to get started are some dumbbells and an optional sturdy chair.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • For Active Aging Only: Cardio – A total-body challenge using foundational movement patterns that will leave you sweaty, confident, and full of energy.
  • For Active Aging Only: Lower Body Strength – Make leg day a blast as you build strength, power, and stability from the bottom up.
  • For Active Aging Only: Upper Body Strength – Fast-track your fitness goals with easy-to-execute isolation moves that target your shoulders, arms, chest, and back.
  • For Active Aging Only: Core Strength, Flexibility, & Balance – Lower your risk of injury and boost your performance — both in your workouts and beyond.
  • For Active Aging Only: Full Body Circuit – A full-body workout with back-to-back exercises that torch calories and increase strength, power, and endurance from head to toe.

Who is Lacee Green?

Entrepreneur, NASM certified group fitness instructor, and proud mom Lacee Green is committed to showing that fitness comes in every shape, size, and color, and that every body is beautiful. With her contagious positivity and more than a decade of experience helping people live their best lives, there’s no doubt you’ll leave her workouts feeling on top of the world!

Where can I access the mini-program and when is it available?

For Active Aging Only is available now on BODi! Use your active BODi Subscription to access it from the Programs page.

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